Web Browser database interface
Good database design has two major components, the back-end database and the front-end interface that is seen by the user.

On many web sites the content is static with hyperlinks to navigate from one page to another. Static web pages are unsuitable for dynamic database content, dynamic web pages are required. The most recognisable dynamic web page is the shopping cart or e-commerce site. Here the cart contents change as you shop. There is no person quickly writing static pages to accommodate your preferences, but the web pages change as you make preferences and choices. Furthermore, what you see in the shopping cart is different to what other shoppers see, yet the page URL or address (eg https://www.eniware.com.au/browser.htm) is the same for each user.

For security reasons a web page can't control your computer or make changes to your computer settings. This therefore places some limits on web browser interfaces that a desktop application interface doesn't have. Even so, a dynamic web page has almost all the functionality that a desktop application can have.

While there are minor visual differences, the functionality of the desktop application examples can be or has been reproduced with a web browser interface.

Five hands-on examples of dynamic web functionality have been provided.
  1. The data entry example can be filtered and graphed.
  2. Free credits to go shopping with the shopping cart example.
  3. Use the Dynamic HTML example to change the page appearance.
  4. Document tree.
A Web Browser database interface has the following advantages.
  • Suitable for the Internet and intranets
  • Requires only a low-end client computer with a network connection and a browser
  • Can be accessed where users are too far away to be joined by a local area network
  • Doesn't require a high-speed network connection
  • Is centrally and/or remotely managed
  • No additional software installation required at client computer
  • Clients always have the latest version as it is served from the server
  • Minimal training due to the familiar browser interface
  • Customers can access your products and place orders through the Internet
  • Customers can check on the status of their orders directly
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