Eniware Computer Systems
Eniware is an Australian company developing database software for small to medium business.
DataBases Business data is most effectively stored in and retrieved from databases. While databases tools are provided with some Office software packages, most computer users don't have the skills to use these tools effectively or securely. Eniware specialise in back-end database design and front-end database interfaces.
Web Browser interface
Internet It used to be that most web pages were static, like pages in a book. This is no longer the case. Now web pages are often dynamic, responding to your input and selections. Most of the functionality of a desktop application can be incorporated into a dynamic web application. A web interface has the advantages of not having to install software on each user computer, can be centrally managed, can (if so configured) be accessed from multiple sites from anywhere there is an Internet connection.
Desktop interface
Desktop While a browser based interface is most often the best, sometimes a desktop application is more appropriate for small business. It can be installed either on a stand-alone computer or shared over a local area network in multi-user mode.
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